When will my cards arrive?

Cards are posted within two working days of receiving your order. They are sent by Royal Mail as a second class small parcel. This can take up to ten working days to reach you. Usually cards arrive in 3-4 working days but we make no promises as once they are posted they are gone. Out of our control. Nothing we can do.

Why are the cards so expensive?

Because we support UK businesses and are as green and as socially responsible as we possibly can be! We pay a teacher to write the cards then we pay a second teacher to check the cards. We then get the cards printed in the UK. This is TEN times more expensive than getting them printed in China. We think its well worth it. We like supporting UK small companies and the carbon footprint is reduced by not having the cards travel round the world. Then the cards are packaged in paper boxes not plastic and shipped in cardboard packaging that is also made in the UK. The packaging is twenty times the cost of putting them in a plastic bag and sending them but hey…we have values and we stick to them! Oh then our staff are paid at more than the national living wage. We could make them cheaper but we don’t want to be that kind of business.

How do I use the cards?

It’s up to you but we recommend getting someone else to test you once you think you know them. Some people set themselves targets of learning 5-10 cards a day, others keep up with what they are doing in class. Another good idea is to make a pile of cards that you always get right and don’t look at them – focus on the ones you find more challenging.

Will I get an A if I buy the cards?

Maybe! We don’t know you or how much revision you do and of course just buying the cards or even sleeping with them under your pillow won’t get you good grades. The questions on the cards are fairly basic and we suggest they are the minimum you should know before going into the exam. You also need to learn skills like calculations and being able to use the facts you learned from the cards and apply them to different situations. Finally you need to practice answering exam-style questions. Buying cards alone won’t be enough.

Are they for this year’s exam?

Yes. The cards are checked every year and changed to match the latest SQA requirements. The only exception to this is that we don’t move things from one unit to another if it will increase the cost of the cards.

(This happened in Biology where mitosis moved units. If we moved it to unit 2 then unit 2 would be even bigger and cost extra to print. We left mitosis where it was as the content remained the same.)

Help I ordered the wrong cards.

Email us. We are reasonable and try to sort it out where possible. Some people are taking advantage of our goodwill and we may charge a restocking fee in the future.