Committed to UK manufacture

We are committed to manufacturing the cards in the UK. It would be much cheaper to get them made in China but as a small UK company we want to support other small UK companies.

Plastic-free product

Plastic is cheap and tough but we hate the idea of the packaging of your cards lasting longer than your education so we package in card tuck boxes. This is an expensive option but we think its worth it.

Plastic-free packaging

Again we are supporting a UK small company who supply all of our postal packaging which is sustainably manufactured by them in the UK. The plastic bags we used to ship in were much cheaper but we didn’t sleep so well at night knowing we were contributing to the mountains of single-use plastic. Now with card packaging we feel happy.

Updated every year

Many resources are printed and then not updated when the SQA changes the courses. We update our products every year to keep them matching the latest SQA requirements. When you buy our products you can be confident that teachers have updated them for the latest exams.

Two teachers

We don’t just get the cards written by a teacher, they are also checked by a second teacher. This minimises errors and ensures you get the best possible products.