I began producing revision materials for our daughter when she was studying for tests at school. Being dyslexic she found taking notes in the classroom difficult and text books had too many big blocks of writing in them for her. As a support for learning teacher I knew I had to break down the curriculum into small blocks and to ask questions that would reherse the recall that would be necessary in the exams. The revision cards became particularly popular during what was then Standard Grade exams. Being a teacher I was keen to share the resouce and began giving cards to pupils struggling to access the curriculum in more conventional ways. I was producing cards on paper and glueing them before cutting them into individual cards by hand. Each set of cards took about an hour to make and would be given to the student in an old takeaway tub.

The cards were initially created with dyslexia in mind but they proved popular with all students so it wasn’t long before demand for the cards far exceeded my capacity to produce them which prompted the formation of Kannon Education Ltd. The company bought a card cutting machine and an A3 card printer. For three years the cards were produced in this semi-professional way with us now able to produce about five sets of cards in an hour. Once we began advertising it wasn’t long until once again we were unable to keep up with demand and decided to outsource production.

The cards are now professionally printed in the UK and sent to us in batches of 100. Whilst this has allowed us to help more students, it has also reduced the margins so we had to stop producing the Advanced Higher cards as we didn’t sell enough of them.